The New Summerpalace
With the of Buddhist Incense located right in the centre of the front hill of Longevity Mount. As bright as the sun is shining as cold it was.
Inspecting the Lion
Two seniors inspecting one of the lions that watch over the Dispelling Clouds gate.
Fascinating, all corner of all roofs are decorated with these figures.
The Lake
What a fantasic view! The reward for climbing all the step of the Longevity Hill.
The Pavilion of Precious Clouds
With the Bronze Pavillion in it's center.
The Fake
Looks like a normal wooden pavillion, but is made completely from bronze.
The Bronze Pavillion
A detail of the roof of the Bronze Pavillion. Even close up you would not not think it is all metal.
Also, the roofs of the surrounding buildings are fascinating.
Walk into the Horizon
The great wall - not easy to take a picture of it, that has not been taken a thousands time before.
The Great Wall
... or more correct on of the many great walls ...
Entering the Forbidden City
Coming from the Meridian Gate looking in direction of the Hall of Literary Glory.
The Forbidden City
The Hall of Supreme Harmony
Exit -The Forbidden City
Leaving via the Gate of Divine Might
The amount of incense burned in front the Yonghegong hall of the Lama temple is amazing.
Fresh Air
The golden Buddha in the Lama temple in Beijing.

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